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Principals Message

At St. Gregory the Great School, we are more than just a school -- we are a family. As a Parish School, we work closely with St. Gregory the Great RC Parish and are a part of the St. Gregory Parish campus which allows for us to serve our families though various forms of ministries. 
Our goal as educators at St. Greg's is to nurture the whole child in their faith, character, and academics. The vision we have for all students is to graduate prepared to continue to learn, live, and lead as a disciple of Christ. We hope to foster moral leadership through integrating our core values of FAITH, HOPE, LOVE & RECONCILIATION through our faith filled family environment.

Founded in 1960, we are proud of our long standing traditions which make us the institution we are today. We believe in fostering growth in communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. One of our main goals is to help our students discover God's plan for them through finding their purpose. We aim to accomplish this through aiding students in discovering their gifts and talents while giving back to the community through weekly school masses, prayer, service to others and reflection. Our ability to focus on morals and the whole child is what distrinquishes us from a Public School while providing an excellent academic experience. 

We hope you enjoy your time as a part of our St. Gregory the Great family. 

God Bless,

Mrs. Julie Gajewski