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Mission and Values




"St. Gregory the Great Catholic School, a ministry of St. Gregory the Great Roman Catholic Parish, invites students to discipleship through a quality education in harmony with the gospel values and teachings of Jesus Christ. "School Board Adopted, 10/31/2019


In partnership with the parish community, we dedicate ourselves to providing a quality academic foundation; to the formation of faith through knowledge and understanding of our faith and our church; to provide a spirit of welcome, compassion and reconciliation; and to encourage the generous development and sharing of our God-given talents.

"Faith is belief and trust in God, that He will always be with us, no matter what we do. Faith is understanding that each person is important and significant to God. It is our link to the love and hope that He made us with. There is no right or wrong to having faith, just the knowledge that we are not alone"

- Natalie Kershner, Sacred Heart Academy Student and St. Greg's 2017 Graduate




Faith: the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

St. Gregory the Great School is committed to instilling in our students a great reverence for and dependence on God, and to inspiring and nurturing each soul, by bringing the teachings of the Catholic Tradition and the truth of the Gospel to light. Our faith is what propels our school community into a lifelong relationship with God through prayer, sacramental life, and service to others. 

Love: the soul of the holiness to which all are called.

Our school is committed to instilling in our students the importance and significance of loving your neighbor as yourself and the virtue of loving God above all things for His own sake. These teachings encourage us to want the absolute best for someone else, even when we struggle to get along with them, and to love God above all else.  Jesus showed us that love requires personal sacrifice on our part for that to happen and we are committed to teaching our students to do so by using their time, talents and treasures to make a difference in the lives of those in our parish community and in the community where we live.

Hope: the virtue which compels us onward in trust of Christ’s promises and His unfailing help, strengthening us to live fruitful lives as children of God.

Understanding and acknowledging that anxiety and moments of despair exist in everyday life, we strive to instill the virtue of hope in our students. When we speak of hope we look beyond a positive attitude or being optimistic and focus not on the things of this world or human words or assurances. Rather, we focus on God’s word and His promises.

Reconciliation: established by Jesus Christ, because of His abundant love and mercy, so that we can obtain forgiveness for our sins and reconcile with God and the church. The sacrament “washes us clean” and renews us in Christ.

We are committed to not only teaching our students about this sacrament and offering them regular opportunities to receive it, but we strive to create an atmosphere where forgiveness is modeled by all whom they encounter each day. It is through this sacrament and modeling that students become imbued with God’s mercy, peace and consolation.  In turn they grow to become more merciful and reconciled with those they encounter in the world.