Why Catholic Education?

We know you have many education choices for your child. Families of all faiths who have chosen the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Buffalo have discovered outstanding education, leadership and spiritual guidance for their children - a tradition since 1847.
Our schools are Christ-centered private schools that are focused on nurturing academic excellence, Christian character and service to others. It is our mission to educate your child to reach his or her full potential in an atmosphere rooted in Catholic tradition and Gospel values. Buffalo Catholic private schools are considered among the best private schools in Western New York.
The academic success of our students is well documented - proof that you can have faith in a Catholic education:
  • 99% of Catholic high school students graduate.

  • 98% of Catholic high school graduates go on to college.

  • Our elementary schools provided over $1.5 million in scholarship and tuition assistance to students in grades K-8.

  • Nine of the top 10 percent of the overall rankings of elementary schools in Western New York , as ranked in the 2016 Business First Guide to Western New Your Schools, is a Catholic School.

  • Four of the top ten middle schools in Western New York, as ranked in the 2016 Business First Guide to Western New York Schools, are Catholic schools. 

  • Four of the top high schools in Western New York, as ranked in the 2016 Business First Guide to Western New York Schools, are Catholic schools.

In Western New York's Catholic schools every child is seen as a child of God, deserving of respect and an opportunity to reach their full potential.
"Catholic Education has played a huge part of my life. As a
graduate of a Catholic elementary school, high school and
college, I am honored to be teaching the children at St. Gregory the Great. The best way to strengthen our children’s lives is to provide them with a strong academic and Catholic education. Catholic schools bring knowledge and faith together to develop the whole student.
As a teacher, the Catholic values embraced by St. Greg’s act as a foundation which guides my teaching principals. My Catholic foundation allows me to see the talents, skills and abilities in each student. From my perspective, I like to focus on the Christian values and the God given gifts of every child. I embrace our faith and use it to nurture the development of our children for a well rounded Catholic education What a reward, as a teacher, to witness the love, faith, hope and Reconciliation of our children."
- St. Greg's School Teacher
"A Catholic education for our three children means that faith is integrated into every aspect of their lives. They are learning in a supportive faith community rich with opportunities to develop as leaders - spiritually, intellectually, and socially."
Mrs. Jennifer Reichenberg
St. Greg's Parent