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Family Led Distance Learning

Who is this plan for?

This plan is for families who:
  • Choose Family Led Distance Learning in the windows stated below. 
  • If your child develops COVID symptoms or comes into close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID and is quarantined by the Erie County Health Department or New State Health Department your child will be able to participate in distance learning. We will need 1 day to put the program in place. The parent is to email Mrs. Kromer and Mrs. Sciortino to notify them of the quarantine.

Distance Learning Windows of Commitments 

Distance Learning Windows of Commitments

Deadline to Communicate to Mrs. Sciortino

Window #1

October 12th - January 1st

October 9th

Window #2

January 19th - March 31st

Friday, January 15th

Window #3

April 13th - June 23rd 

Wednesday, March 24th

What are the details of this plan for families?
  • Please see our Parent Guide for all needed details with regard to Family Led Distance Learning
Additional Questions or Concerns?