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The music curriculum at St. Gregory the Great School allows our students to express themselves while exercising both their mind and body through creative expression. Our music program is closely aligned with the STREAM teachings.
We move physically while playing rhythm instruments, hand bells, keyboards, recorders and by dancing and moving to the music. Music requires coordination, controlled use of the diaphragmatic, back, stomach and chest muscles as our ears and brain interpret the sounds.
We learn about history as we explore the life of composers and eras of music around the world.
Music teaches math as we learn note values, addition, subtraction and fractions and work them out in our heads, not on paper.
We learn science through the study of acoustics, dynamics, and chart reading.
Finally, music is also a foreign language and is often referred to as a universal language as it utilizes musical notations. Many of the terms we learn in music class are derived from Italian, German or French.
Music is Art! It combines all of the above and allows us to create emotions and to express and share those emotions. Our students play at school and parish masses, give concerts, and perform at nursing homes and senior citizen events as well as recitals and competitions.