Bulletin Board » Get to Know St. Greg’s New Dean of Students, Mr. Dan Drechsel

Get to Know St. Greg’s New Dean of Students, Mr. Dan Drechsel

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Daniel Drechsel to serve as the Dean of Students for St. Gregory the Great School. Students in our 8th grade had the opportunity to interview Mr. Drechsel to learn more about him. Thank you to Julianne Kurzforfer, Kye Petri, and Alyssa Zuppa.

Q&A with Mr. Drechsel

Tell us about yourself.

I like to read in my spare time, play hockey, and spend time with my family. My wife’s name is Jessie and we have two dogs named Jax and Jameson.

What excites you most about working at St. Greg’s?

Working at St. Greg’s gives me an opportunity to get back to my Catholic roots. Having gone to a Catholic elementary, high school, and college, my faith in God is a big part of my identity. I’m excited to learn more about the school and students and begin this new journey.

St. Greg’s has a strong Catholic identify. Please describe how you will incorporate Catholic teachings into your new role.

At the forefront of what I do and the way I approach my own, personal life and work life is the WWJD mindset. “What Would Jesus Do” is threaded into my approach to handling all the challenges that life throws at me. I will incorporate this methodology at St. Greg’s. It hasn’t failed me yet!

Who is your favorite saint and why?

St. Michael, the patron saint of police officers, is my favorite saint. My brother Christopher is a police officer and St. Michael is who I pray to during difficult and uncertain times in my life.

Why have you chosen to work in the education field?

I LOVE working with kids. Helping to develop the minds of young people is what I am passionate about. Kids face a lot of challenges today and I strive to help them navigate through these issues with grace and God by their side.

Who is your favorite football team?

My favorite football team is the New York Jets, but I have Buffalo Bills gear that I wear when I need to…