St. Greg's has a well-structured, faith-based, and rigorous academic elementary program. Our curriculum is aligned PK through grade 8. Small class sizes allow for differentiated instruction and the ability for staff to focus on students' individual gifts and talents. Parents play a vital role in our community as they support our students, teachers and overall well-being of our school. 
Faith-Based Curriculum:
  • Students prepare for sacraments with classmates and in collaboration with parish priests and Family Faith Formation
  • Diocese standards-based religion curriculum with a strong focus on developing a relationship with God through daily prayer
  • Celebration of the liturgical season throughout the year
  • Prayer Partner Program
  • Students in grade 4 attend Advent and Lenten retreats
  • Mass tours
  • Students attend weekly mass and participate in the liturgy at least 1x a year
Rigorous Academic Program:
  • Curriculum is fully aligned with NYS standards
  • Instruction is based upon STREAM principles
  • Technology integration to meet all learning needs
  • ELA and math screening 3x a year
  • Project-based learning
  • Strong focus on 21st century skills of creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking
Structured Learning Environment:
  • Rule of 5 adopted throughout the school community in grades PK-8
  • Students are taught the importance of inclusivity
  • Students wear a school uniform and follow the dress code
  • Respect and manners are reinforced through holding doors and standing when the Principal enters the classroom
Strong Community:
  • Parent volunteers are encouraged and present on campus
  • Room parents plan holiday celebrations throughout the year
  • Students participate in team-building activities
  • Parish priests are present in the school throughout the school year
  • Strong collaboration between administration and faculty
  • Home School Association supports school programs through fundraising efforts