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Cafeteria & Lunch Program

What is MySchoolBucks?
  • A cashless system to purchase snacks, milk, a la carte items or a 2nd lunch.
  • MySchoolBucks gives parents the convenience and flexibility of one account to securely pay for student meals and more with a credit card, debit card, or electronic check
  • Parents are able to monitor their child(ren)'s purchases each week
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Daily Lunch Options:
  • Main Entrée selection from lunch menu
  • Julienne Salad w/ Flatbread
  • Yogurt Parfait w/Flatbread
  • PB&J/PB
Offered Daily with All School Lunches:
  • Fresh NYS Apples from LynOaken Farms
  • Fresh or Prepared Fruit (Must take 1/2 cup of Fruit or Veggies, may take 1 cup)
  • Vegetables (Must take 1/2 cup of Fruit or Veggies, may take 1 cup)
  • NYS Milk from Upstate Farms Served daily: Skim, 1%, or Fat Free Chocolate Milk 
St. Greg's utilizes the company, Personal Touch for food service. Any questions about our food service program or billing, please contact Mrs. Marcia Haight at [email protected]. Personal Touch Food Service takes pride in providing healthy, nutritious lunches everyday to the students of St. Gregory the Great School.
Interested in volunteering at the cafeteria? We would love to have you join us!