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The School Board participates with the pastor in providing a quality Catholic Education. The School Board, with the principal as the chief executive officer, formulates school policies, and the school administration implements these policies. Its purpose is to develop and promote policies in accordance with diocesan policies which govern the operation of St. Gregory the Great School's programs. These include curricular and co-curricular programs, finances, development, public relations, marketing, planning, facilities, and evaluation. The School Board is consultative to the pastor. As a collaborative body, consensus building is the appropriate mode of decision making. 

Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding school policies may be directed to: schoolboard@stgregsschool.org

 2020-2021 School Board Members 

Father Leon, Tom Vacanti , Christie Thein, Mary Beth Pfeiffer,  Kathy Benson, Dave Courtney, Melissa Deakin, Maria Glamuzina , Don Held, Steve Mercurio, Elizabeth Caruana and Jim Roland