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School Board

Your St. Gregory the Great School Board operates with the Principal as their Chief Executive Officer. The purpose of the School Board is to develop and promote policies that function in accordance with the Diocesan policies which are used to govern the operation of our school programs. The duties of the School Board include but, are not limited to: curricular and co-curricular programs, finances, development, public relations, marketing, planning, facilities and educational programs. 
The School Board is consultative to the Pastor of St. Gregory the Great Roman Catholic Church. As a collaborative body, any votes held by the Board are based off the majority consensus of all participating members. Board decisions are presented to the Pastor as recommendations for enactment within the school. The board meets once per month during the school year. 
Should you ave any questions or comments for your School Board, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at schoolboard@stgregs.org
Your 2019-2020 School Board Members:
Fr. Leon Biernat - Chair
Julie Gajewski - School Principal
Kathy Benson
James Roland
Mark Higgins
Mary Beth Pfeiffer
Melissa Deakin
Teri Donner
Rory Reichenberg
Chris Kicinski