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School Cafeteria Volunteer

School Cafeteria Volunteer
St. Greg's School
Primary Functions: To help foster a welcoming and safe school environment. The cafeteria volunteer assists the lunch monitor and administration in helping to maintain as well as promote an inclusive and safe dining experience for all students.

Essential Core Qualities:
• Comfortable with leading prayer before and after lunch.
• Character traits necessary to work with young children - enthusiasm, warmth, and dedication.
• Strong verbal and teaming skills.
• Open to feedback from the assistant principals.
• Role model and lifelong learner.

Cleaning Procedures
• Wipe each table and chairs after each lunch period
• Wipe high touch surfaces after each lunch period
• Wipe plexiglass if needed

Student Clean Up Procedures
• Collect trash from each table- walk trash cans to students and then they throw out their own trash
• Collect the trays and return to the kitchen

Supervision and student assistance
• Assist students with opening lunch items if needed
• Supervise students and support lunch monitor with students to adhere to the cafeteria rules

• VIRTUS trained and account in good standing.
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