Mrs. Terri Strassel Receives the Prestigious Golden Apple Award

We are excited to share some incredible news with you today. Mrs. Terri Strassel, one of our beloved and esteemed teachers at St. Gregory the Great School, has been recognized with the Golden Apple Award for her outstanding dedication and excellence in teaching.

The Golden Apple Award is a highly respected honor given to three teachers across the entire Diocese of Buffalo. It serves as a testament to Mrs. Strassel's unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds and her exceptional contributions to the education and faith community. She was nominated by her colleagues in March. On Friday, May 19, Dr. Tim Uhl, Superintendent of the Diocese of Buffalo, made a surprise visit to St. Greg’s to present the award to Mrs. Strassel.

Mrs. Strassel's passion for teaching and her ability to inspire and motivate our students have made a significant impact on their lives. Her dedication to providing a supportive and engaging learning environment has helped our students thrive and achieve their full potential. We are immensely proud to have her as part of our teaching faculty.

This award not only recognizes Mrs. Strassel's individual achievements but also reflects the collective efforts of our entire school community. We deeply appreciate your continued support and collaboration, as it plays a vital role in fostering an environment where our teachers can excel.

Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Terri Strassel for this outstanding achievement. Her commitment to educational excellence is an inspiration to us all, and we are incredibly fortunate to have her as an integral part of our school's faculty.

Once again, congratulations to Mrs. Terri Strassel on receiving the Golden Apple Award. Let us all take pride in this remarkable achievement and continue to support our dedicated teachers who make a lasting difference in your children's lives.