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Spring Sports

Soccer - (Co-ed) Grades Kindergarten - 8
There are at least 12 soccer teams every season. Kindergarten soccer is strictly instructional and they practice once a week in the school gym and the teams scrimmage each other. Grades 1 & 2 play together in the Mite level; grades 3 & 4 play together in the Peewee level; grades 5 & 6 play together in the JV level; and the 7 & 8 grades play together at the Varsity level. There are never any cuts in this program, everyone who signs up plays on a team. St. Gregory the Great school hosts the Mite Tournament every year and the other levels have the option of participating in The Coaches Cup Tournament.
Sport Coordinators
Patrick Miner - pminer1216@yahoo.com
Tracy Polisoto – tracyp18@msn.com
Softball - (Girls) Grades 5 - 8
The softball teams are Junior Varsity and Varsity. The Junior Varsity teams (5 & 6 grade teams) are th th instructional and the Varsity teams (7 & 8 grades teams) are more competitive and play at a higher th th level. Knowledge of softball and experience playing is required for the Varsity team. There are no cuts for the Junior Varsity teams and there is equal playing time. If necessary (depending on how many girls sign up), a selection process occurs for the 7 and the 8 grade teams. At the Varsity level, there may not be equal playing time. The season generally starts at the end of March with practices and evaluations and runs through the beginning of June.
Sport Coordinators
Kristin Vaccaro - fredandkristin@gmail.com
Volleyball - (Boys) Grade 7 - 8
This is a Varsity sport that participates in the Northtown League. There are approximately 15 players. This program lasts about 8 weeks. Selection cuts may need to be made depending on the number of sign ups.
Track - (Co-ed) Grades 5 - 8
The track team practices during the week and runs in meets on Saturdays. The number of meets depends on the number of teams participating throughout the Diocese. There are tryouts for the end of the year Diocesan Championship Meet (held every year at St. Francis High School) due to the level of competition at this meet. The Diocesan Meet is the final meet of the season. The children run in the meets based on their grade level. The Athletes participate in the dash, relay, running long jump, and the softball throw. Many St. Gregory the Great students have received place ribbons during the meets.
Sport Coordinator
Gail Rosenecker - gail_rosenecker@yahoo.com
Hockey - (Co-ed) Grades 5 - 8
The hockey teams participate in The Buffalo Niagara School Hockey League. All participants must be registered with USA Hockey and play on another organized team. This is not an instructional program. There are two teams, Junior Varsity and Varsity. They typically play 8-10 games plus playoffs during the season. The rosters are limited to 18 skaters and 2 goalies for each team by USA Hockey rules. Player evaluations may need to be done if the number of sign ups exceeds 18 skaters and 2 goalies for each team.
Lacrosse - (Boys/Girls) Grades 6 - 8
Lacrosse is a new sport at the school. The season starts in late March and will last approximately 8 weeks. Although this is considered a Varsity sport, some instruction will be given. Cuts through a selection process may be made depending on the number of sign ups. The Boys Lacrosse team is coached by a parent who is a former professional player for the Buffalo Bandits and the Girls Lacrosse team is coached by former Collegiate players.
Sport Coordinators
Boys - Jeff Polisoto - jpolisoto@rich.com
Girls - Ashley McCauley - amccauley@stgregs.org