SGS COVID Update as of 11/16/2020 @ 5:00pm

Dear SGS Families, 

Please see the update based on information from the County Executive Office shared this afternoon. 

Today we’ve remained in a “yellow” zone with the continued likelihood of a movement to “orange” or “red” in the coming days. Please see the outline of our plan moving forward with both scenarios. 

Erie County Remains in a Yellow Zone

Erie County Moves to an Orange or Red Zone

  • SGS will return to in-person learning on Wednesday (11/18/20) and remain in person while completing the 20% testing mandate for the duration of the time we are in a “yellow zone.”

  • Testing Requirement:
    • We will need 20% of our population (students, faculty, staff, maintenance and Family Faith) to consider getting a COVID-19 test by this Friday (11/20/20). 
    • We need to complete 86 tests to remain in-person. 
    • The requirement is proof that the test has been administered. 
    • Student test forms would be turned into Mrs. Susan Kromer for grades K-8 and Mrs. Katie McIntyre for PK3, PK4 and EK.
    • We do not need the results by Friday. 

  • We recommend the testing window for COVID-19 tests to be November 18th, 19th, or 20th. 

  • If you get an appointment for tomorrow, November 17th and we are moved to another zone, then the test is not valid towards the change in testing requirements for orange/red zone re-opening.  
  • SGS will move to full distance learning (Plan C) until Monday, November 30th.  

  • As per the latest information from the Governor’s office we would need to close for at least 4 calendar days and could reopen on the 5th calendar day from zone designation if we had 100% of our faculty, staff, students, maintenance staff and family faith staff test AND receive a negative result.  

  • We recommend the testing window:

      • November 23rd - November 27th for 100% of our faculty, staff, students, maintenance and family faith to test AND receive a negative result.
  • Our goal to reopen for in person learning would be November 30th.  

  • Remote learning would take place from November 18th - 25th (half day) and there would be live/synchronous learning through Google Meet. 

  • A supply pickup would be scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 19th.  

We still have more slots needed to be filled to meet the yellow zone testing mandate, please share here if you are willing to schedule a test for your child(ren).

The latest in testing information and locations is listed below and on our Latest COVID Information and COVID Resources webpages:

School MandatedTesting Site Information as of 11/16/2020

State and private locations are testing students and staff that are asymptomatic. To avoid out of pocket costs, please check with your insurance if you decide to use a private testing location.

  • New York State Department of Health-
    • Erie County:

125 Perry Street- (Buffalo Sabres Parking Lot)

Buffalo, NY 

    • Niagara County: 

NCCC, 3111 Saunders Settlement Road

Sanborn, NY 14132


      • Call NYS COVID-19 Hotline at 1-888-364-3065 for either location to set up an appointment or online pre-registering and assessment can be found at
      • The online registration will have someone contact you at a later time to set up an appointment. 
      • The timeline for that is uncertain, calling may be faster. 
      • This is free testing. 
      • The test is the deep nasal swab (as of right now). 
      • Results are usually less than 4 days.

  • KSL Diagnostic Labs- 
    • 1000 Youngs Road- Suite 210

Phone: 1-800-960-1080

      • Call 1-800-960-1080 or online at
      • With a physician's script, testing is covered by your insurance (please check with your insurance company). 
      • Out of pocket cost is $125 without a script. 
      • The test is an oropharyngeal (throat) swab. 
      • Results usually within 72 hrs or less.

  • Pediatric & Adolescent Urgent Care- 
    • 1800 Maple Road, Suite #100

Phone: 716-636-5437

    • Please book appointment online at, click on “Save your spot in line” and complete as much information as possible.  
    • Walk-ins are always welcome as well. 
    • With a physician's script, testing is covered by your insurance (please check with your insurance company). 
    • Out of pocket cost is $150 without a script, which includes the cost of a visit. 
    • This test is a non-invasive nasal swab. 
    • Results will be phoned to you in 3-5 days and sent to you pediatrician.

  • WELLNOW - 
    • 5965 Transit Rd (716) 428-5545 
    • 3980 Sheridan Dr (DENT Tower)- (716) 541-0224

    • Call or schedule online at, and pick location (the 2 above are closest to the school).  
    • With a physician's script, testing is covered by your insurance (please check with your insurance company).
    • Out of pocket cost is $100 without a script. 
    • Results are received by registering for an account at 
    • 2-3 days after the sample was taken.

The above are a few nearby locations that are being used. Other locations, such as pharmacies and other urgent cares, can be found at this site, Erie County COVID-19 Testing Sites

Please contact the specific location for any questions regarding testing, insurance and physician scripts.

** As of this morning, the Erie County Health Department is only testing symptomatic people. Please use 716-858-2929 for individuals with symptoms. They will direct you to NYSDOH sites for asymptomatic individuals.**